The Arts Community Connection

Our mission is a simple one: to engage the greater Washington, DC region and beyond in support of artists, exhibitions and multi-discipline approaches to artistic expression through interviews and more.

In being interviewed, the artist must be introspective - and selective - about what to share with regards to their process, their work and themselves. This can be a useful thing for the artist, as well as informative for the interviewer, other artists, fans of art, and the wider community.

In being another platform - among very many - to highlight and interview artists of all stripes, we seek to contribute to the broad artistic dialogue that inspires people and makes communities and humanity expand in consciousness.

ArtsComCon will serve as another nexus for artists and art appreciators, venues and spaces, to find and support the diverse approaches to sharing art in our nation's capital and around the world.

*Weren't you previously called...? 

*Yes, on June 4, 2015 the Arts Community Connection was renamed from the Visual Arts Connection, which began as the Tecnicus Project in 2012 to combine visual works and spoken word performance and was re-formed in February 2015 as an online platform to feature artists in the Washington, DC region and beyond.

ArtsComCon is an association under the fiscal sponsorship of FABUM, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose value statement is "Life is art. Art is life."

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